lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

A group of people in a trip to Bocono, Niquitao, Las Mesitas, Tuñame and Jajo

Touristic Places

El Trapiche de los Clavo 
Today rescue as a museum, becomes a center of testimony from the former panelero boom in the region. In addition to showing the elements of the artifacts themselves for the milling of sugar cane, lets imagine the lifestyle of decades ago, in the lesson that dictate its walls, stone walls, the strength of the wood of the media, the willingness of the different areas, provides information on the daily think of those people and their time.

Museum Restaurant La Casa Vieja: a restaurant where you can appreciate the collection of antiques never seen before

San Rafael: about 12 km from Boconó, with a height of 1542 meters above sea level Annual average temperature of 17.8 ° C with 250 inhabitants. People of just 2 streets, is a gleam on the map of Edo. Trujillo.

San Miguel Town is in north of Boconó, with a height of 1740 meters m. Temperature of 17 ° C to 19 km from Boconó with a paved road; owns the historic architectural heritage of greater value in western Venezuela, his iglesiaconstruida for 1630 declared a natural monument. Annually, the January 6 is celebrated the feast of the Magi.

The Mesitas: on the edge of Trujillo state in Merida, at the foot of the mountain range of 42 km of Tuñame Boconó after Niquitao, by a route quite hard because of lack of pavement, at 2190 meters, with an average temperature of 15 ° C. The landscape is enriched by buildings, houses look old, some with balconies and almost all with well-preserved exterior. 

Niquitao:   After about 25 Kms from the capital's municipality, a village high Mosler to 1937 and an average temperature of 16 ° C. In the area is the viaduct "Battle of Niquitao," one of the highest viaducts agricultural country, which allows the passage to the population of the Mesitas. 

Since Niquitao, in clear days, shows the height of the "Teta of Niquitao", the biggest amendment of Trujillo with altitude of 4006 meters above sea level 

The column monument: Near the town of Niquitao was fought on 02 July 1813, the battle where patriots under the command of Jose Felix Ribas, Rafael Urdaneta and Vicente Elias Campo, thwarted troops realistic, which opposed the advancement of Army liberator. A monument conmemoratorio leaves testimony to the fact. 

Burbusay: A town that lies on the northern slopes of the Cordillera de Trujillo, at an altitude of 1631 meters above sea level with average temperature of 17 ° C, located at a distance of 24 kms from the city of Boconó. We carried out the work that has allowed high agricultural yields in the production of vegetables and cultivation of the best strawberries in the country. It has a temple which was built towards 1844. Altarpieces magnificent saves and are in the interior, such as paints the picture of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception (painting's oldest state Trujillo) 

Campo Elias: It has a height of 1084 m.s.n.m. with an average temperature of 21 ° C, is located 41 kms from the city of Boconó by the national highway and is one of the major coffee producing villages


San Jose Touristic Inn: Just in the way to the "cedro's lagoon" with an expectacular view and a completely handmade structure. To contact them for reservations call:
0272-652-3792 Or 0272-652-4444 Ask for Maximino Hidalgo...

Niquitao Touristic Inn: Rooms and restaurant in a 300 year old colonial house, located in a little andes town, niquitao. The people is very friendly and has a cultural tradition outstanding. By that, it was nominated "cultural patrimony of venezuela" in 1995. The high mountains outside the town are green all the year.  To contact them call: 0271-8852042